This is my book: Hosting an Elegant Dinner Party

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My name is Adam Frosh. I work in Hertfordshire as an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon. This blogsite is primarily about food, great food and fine food. I think and dream food and find eating and drinking not just life’s necessity but a pleasure and a privilege to experience. Good food is a celebration of life and should be enjoyed at its best. I hope you will enjoy my recipes and your comments would be welcome. I hope you will also enjoy my forthcoming book on hosting an elegant dinner party in your own home. It should be available in print by mid Autumn.


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  1. HI Lynn. I am going to check the author’s copy in 3 week’s time. It will be available to buy once I have approved it with the publisher. I hope you will enjoy it

  2. Looking for inspiration- have got at least 10 wild ( I’d be furious!) geese arriving tomorrow – livers are sorted -I know what I’m doing with those but..will confit the legs but have lots of breasts…
    Pan fry-check
    Orange sauce -check

    Thought your guinea fowl recipe might translate ok…

    Any other thoughts- t’interweb is rather dull!
    Ta muchly in anticipation. X

  3. Make sure you pair the goose with a good Sancerre. It will also make a fine jus to complement the breast. I’m going to complement my goose with cored out baked Bramley apple with sausage meat stuffing tatin. Keep the complements on the acidic side. I hope my reply hasn’t arrived too late.

  4. Loved the video, very impressive. I half expected Maggie Smith to pop out from behind the sofa – so grand. It won’t be anywhere near so beautiful and perfect with my IKEA cutlery and Argos glasses. I can dream. Cocktails were gorgeous BTW. Good luck with the book.

  5. Thank you. I’ve cooked a couple now and have discovered that they need considerable tenderising…
    marinating for 24 hrs at least!
    The wild meat is incredible dense and rich! I have minced some and combined it with pork mince , apple, sage and onion and made meatballs too…
    Not quite your calibre of fine dining but very tasty.
    The Sancerre works beautifully but we also had it with a Stellenbosch merlot.

  6. Congratulation. Food looks yammy. preparation of dinner table and time schedule is inspiring. I liked the book idea as well
    Well done

  7. Adam,
    There’s nothing I can really say apart from im so proud to of met you when we were just kids and often played in each other’s houses, I took care of your beautiful Puffin, who is always in my heart.
    Proud so proud of your video, your career and to of known you the longest out of everyone on here! (Except family)
    Bravo Adam xx

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