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9 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Can’t wait to try some of these out but I have a lamb arriving at the weekend and would love to cook the lamb satay…
    Pretty please!

    • No worries Irene. I shall be posting that recipe hopefully on Saturday morning. It really is wonderful. I do hope you enjoy it. Adam

  2. Hi Adam, your website is great and the food looks beautiful. The presentation is stunning and look forward to reading the book!
    I’m sure my attempts at the recipes wouldn’t look as delicious as the dishes you created but never the less I would like to try to recreate some of them.
    Keep up the good work :) x

  3. Hi Adam, these recipes sound and look truly amazing, so delicious and tempting that I am now off to the supermarket to get some avocados for the smoked avocado recipe and some aubergines and pork for the hotpot. Really looking forward to something spicy that won’t stain my dental braces – very exciting! Thank you and I will let you know how I get on!

  4. Hi Adam – just checking in to thank you for a fantastic recipe – the pork and aubergine dish was excellent, my husband really loved it – thought it was best ever spicy type curry recipe and I enjoyed it too but must admit to needing a bit of cooling yogurt – maybe I was too heavy with the spices but my husband didn’t think so. Made a large batch so more in the freezer to enjoy and probably very soon; especially with all this gloomy weather we are having. Many thanks again – best wishes – will try eggs benedict today!

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