Smoked avocado with lemon verbena, crab & cucumber foam

This recipe serves 10 as an amuse bouche

When making this dish in advance, always remember that avocado flesh will turn brown very quickly when exposed to the air. There are a number of ways of preventing this from happening. For me, however, the best way is to vacuum wrap and refrigerate. Vacuum wrapping machines are available inexpensively at entry level and are vital for anyone who wishes to cook food sous vide. There is something strangely satisfying about storing food vacuum wrapped.

vacuum avocado

Vacuum wrapped sautéed smoked avocado


2 ripe avocados

5 leaves lemon verbena, finely chopped

Salt and black pepper

1 lemon

Meat of 1 cooked brown crab

1 cucumber, chopped into coarse pieces

Green food colourant (optional)

1 tsp food grade xanthan gum

Halve and shell out the avocado and cook the flesh on a smoking barbecue for 6 minutes turning the pieces half way. If making the dish in advance, store the avocado pieces by your preferred method as outlined above. Cut off the rind of the lemon and carefully cut out 4 segments with a pairing knife making sure there is no bitter pith left. Divide the lemon segments into thirds. Divide the avocado into chunks, season  and sauté them for about three minutes

Cooking avocado

Transfer the sautéed avocado chunks to a bowl and, using a fork, mash them together with the verbena. Place the cucumber into a food processor together with the food colourant if using. Add the xanthan gum. Blend until absolutely smooth. There will be a stable foam on the surface.

Complete the dish by layering the avocado in the base of a shot glass. Add two small lemon segment pieces and press them into the avocado layer. Add a layer of the crab pressing it firmly onto the avocado base. Top the crab layer with cucumber foam. The shot glasses can covered with cling film and refrigerated prior to serving. Garnish the dish with pithed and finely julienned lemon rind.




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